Versatile Blogger Award – The Versatile Blogger Award – A double blessing

This morning I woke up to the news that this blog had been awarded a ‘Versatile Blogger Award’ by Andromache over at ‘if i die before i sleep’ and ‘The Versatile Blogger Award’ by Carla over at ‘Seasons Change, and Change.’

I cannot even begin to tell you how blessed I am that this blog should have been nominated for this/these awards. Although I do have to confess to being really confused and thrown off by the similarity in their names and yet the difference in their accompanying pictures.  I appreciate them both so much but am not sure how to respond to them.

Both of these awards require that I, on receipt of them, tell you seven things about myself which you might not know and that I nominate 15 other blogs which I follow.

The only problem is that I consider myself to be particularly boring and really struggle to find 7 different things about myself which you might not know.  Additionally once I have told you 7 things which you might not know about me for the one award, I can’t really use the same 7 for the next award as you already know them what with my having just shared them lol and thus they wouldn’t qualify as things ‘you might not know’.

In terms of the 15 blogs which I follow and which each award requires, I can simply combine the same list for the two awards.  So there is at least less difficulty there.  But is that only going to spread more confusion?

“Aggggh does not compute! Does not compute!”  LOL

OK here goes  let’s see if this works…

Nominations for BOTH awards….


  1. 25Pillsaday/Fibromy Awesome
  2. An Imperfect Christian’s Blog
  3. As The Pendulum Swings
  4. bi[polar] curious
  5. flibbertigibbetsanonymous
  6. I Was Just Thinking
  7. if i die before i sleep
  8. Infinite Sadness…or what?
  9. James Claims
  10. livingwithablackdog
  11. Manic Muses
  12. Mathematically Confused
  13. Seasons Change, and Change
  14. The Birds and Bees and Me
  15. The Sandwich lady

Some of the above blogs will already have received at least one of these awards but possibly not the other.

And so now for the 7 different things for each award.

Um… OK the first 7 things which you may not know about me – for the ‘Versatile Blogger Award’…

  1. My father gave me my first smoke of a cigarette when I was about 5.
  2. I started smoking when I was 9 years old
  3. I gave up the cigarettes and went over to smoking a pipe about a year ago now and I have not smoked a single cigarette since doing so.  Yeah I know smoking a pipe is still smoking but it is a lot healthier.
  4. I have a cousin who is a famous author – mainly writing psychological thrillers.
  5. That same cousin is also a Baroness but don’t be impressed as we have never met and I doubt she even knows I exist lol
  6. In any given week I spend less than 7 hours in total in the actual company of other human beings.  Something which bothers me not because I get lonely (as I seldom do) but because I know that is not how it is meant to be.
  7. There are a number of emotions or states of mind which I do not experience.  Boredom is one of them.

Ok the second 7 things which you may not know about me – for the ‘The Versatile Blogger Award’…

  1. I used to (when I was a child) play the Trumpet and the Cornet and used to be in two bands and have qualifications to prove it but now can’t remember a single thing about it or how to play either.
  2. I have a gold medal with distinction for Ballroom Dancing – I got it as a kid and again can’t remember a thing about it.
  3. I am very passionate about music and love to sing.
  4. I love to read and write poetry.
  5. I have a morbid and horrendous fear of dentists.
  6. Even as a child I didn’t really know how emotionally to be a child so I got through it by mimicking the actions and behaviour patterns and responses of other children.
  7. Outside of one or possibly two extreme circumstances/breakdowns which I have experienced, I find it impossible to cry for myself or in respect of any sadness or suffering that I experience but I cry very easily in respect of the suffering and sadness of others.

So there you go.  Man that was tough!  A further 7 things you might not have known about me.

Hopefully I have complied with  the requirements of both of those awards and I will today notify those folk whom I have nominated.

Again I am so very grateful and blessed that this blog should have received these nominations.











10 thoughts on “Versatile Blogger Award – The Versatile Blogger Award – A double blessing

  1. carlarenee45 says:

    I think those are the same award, just different pictures. Thank you for nominating me for the award. I think I will take a break on passing it on when the award isn’t going around so much. I will pop it on my friends later.

  2. I don’t think what you offered was boring at all. And besides, It doesn’t have to be entertaining, it has to be real. And real is interesting 🙂

    For example, I would never have guessed you smoked a pipe.

    I think you did a great job. Thank you 🙂

  3. NZ Cate says:

    Firstly thank you heaps for nominating me. I much appreciate the recognition and the encouragement.

    Secondly there was nothing boring about your list of things about yourself. Actually nearly everything triggered off a good thought or memory for me, not the least being the memory of my Grandfather who also smoked a pipe, and that is where I learnt to love the smell. The only negative was that I too have a great fear of the dentist and just don’t even like the word. 🙂

    • boldkevin says:

      Hi NZ Cate,

      THank you that is very kind of you. I went over to the pipe because I was smoking 2 or more packs of smokes a day and because smoking a pipe you don’t inhale it other than every now and then. So this is a lot healthier. The original intention was to convert to a pipe and then give that up but I have to be honest and say that I just enjoy smoking the pipe so much. I like the aroma and I like the fact that it really does help me to think. But then maybe I am just justifying it 🙂

      As for mentioning the other thing which we both have a fear of. Sorry about that. 🙂
      Kind Regards,


  4. […] after that, Kevin honored me twice over on Reson8 Freedom with the Versatile Blogger Award.  Kevin is an amazing man, a kind friend, and a  tireless voice in the mental health community. […]

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