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This article comes from the Mental Health Writer’s Guild and demonstrates that we are by no means alone in our battle with this.

Mental Health Writers' Guild

My own personal battle with self-harming is no secret and something I have openly discussed here, on my personal blog, and also on ‘Reson8 Freedom‘ (a fairly new blog dedicated to this specific subject) and to helping others who battle with this.

Additionally through following the blogs of Guild Members I am also aware that several other members have or do battle  with this issue and so I thought I would share this article with you all.

NHS Choices – The UK’s National Health Service website – published an article stating that…

“Children bullied during their early years are up to three times more likely to self harm than their classmates,”1

This is it seems taken from a BBC News Report which is…

based on a study that assessed whether children were bullied at several points during childhood, as well as whether they had self-harmed in…

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