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Infinite Sadness... or hope?

WARNING: This post addresses a disturbing issue and should
be read with caution.

“My head was full of wild ambitious urges to hurt myself. I tasted the ambrosia
of maddened impulse. I wanted my interior pain out in my body somehow.
I wanted this vague pain to be specific. That’s how I explain it.”

–Charles Baxter, The Feast of Love

While I’m talking about stigma, what about self harm?  Maybe you call it self-injury, self-mutilation, or maybe you don’t even dare to give it a name.  Whatever name you give it, there is huge stigma attached to it, which simply makes it harder to talk about so harder to help people address.

A news report in New Zealand last week said that up to half of all teenagers will harm themselves deliberately and the researchers claiming this are starting to ask why.  It made me think, because while I…

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  1. I read the article and think it is great that you have inspired someone else to share and talk about self harming. You are such an encourager and inspiration to so many.
    God Bless Dad

    • boldkevin says:

      Hi Kiddo,

      Glad you read the article. But all I have done is shared my experiences. I am so delighted Cate was brave enough to cshare hers.
      Hope you and the boys are good
      Loads of love

  2. NZ Cate says:

    Hi Kevin,

    I just read the following blog post about self harm, written by an acquaintance of mine in NZ.

    [Address removed]

    She has written obviously prompted by the same newspaper article as mine (I’m not sure whether she has read my post too but she does follow me). Anyway I thought you might be interested.

    [Editor’s note: Cate did furnish the blog address but I have since removed it as
    a) I find the content of the post in question most disturbing and
    b) Cate and I have gone on to have subsequent comments here concerning that piece and I feel to keep the address would be disrespectful to that blog’s author primarily as a result of my comments and disagreement with their stance on the subject.]

    • boldkevin says:

      Hi Cate,

      Many thanks for the link and the heads up on this one. It is Sunday morning here in Ireland at the moment and I am just sat waiting for my lift to church but I shall certainly be looking at this again wehn I get back later today.

      It really is an interesting concept that the authr has put forward but I am not sure after a cursory glance if I can subscribe to her theory although I do respect her opinion. Of course I do emphasise that I have only had time to give it a cursory glance as yet and will be looking at it in more detail later:)

      Hope you are well and again many thanks for sharing this.
      Kind Regards


      • NZ Cate says:

        I hope you had a good day Kevin. Yes, I too have some difficulty with this one. I suspect the author and I will have to agree to disagree. 🙂

      • boldkevin says:

        Hi Cate,

        Had a good day but then everything seemed to crash a little while ago somehow and I have no idea why. So I am going to go hide in bed as times like these are dangerous for me.

        As I mentioned I did check out the article before I went to church and then when I came back this evening and before the crash really started taking hold. I even commented – actually it was, in hindsight, a very long comment and perhaps I rambled on way too much. But hey I am passionate about this subject and all I can hope is that what I said did make some sense.
        Anyway I am going to go hide in bed.

        Hope you are ok,
        Kind Regards


      • NZ Cate says:

        That doesn’t sound good Kevin and I think escaping to bed is the best thing to do at such times. I hope by morning it has passed. Take care.

        I thought your comment made complete sense and I will be interested to see what response it generates. The whole thing quite appalls me. I have no problem with a spiritual awakening but can’t accept that deliberate harm can be explained that way.

        But don’t worry about that now. You take care of yourself.

      • boldkevin says:

        Hi Cate,

        Many thanks for getting back to me on this, and indeed for your kindness.

        I did indeed hide in my bed lol and yes thankfully I am of a better state of mind this morning. Although to be honest the repsonse to my comments on the other site we were talking about did little to help this.

        It appears, and I qualify this statement by recognizing that it is entirely possible that I am misreading the response, that nothing I said made any difference whatsoever but then sometimes folk who claim to want discussion seem to want more to push their own agenda and opinions rather than do actually listen and consider alternative viewpoints.

        In truth I do understand at least part of where they are coming from and of course I do respect their right to an opinion -even where it is so very far removed from my own – but the implications of the piece does concern me so very greatly.

        Buyt hey ho, who knows perhaps there is a learning process here.

        Hope you are well
        Kind Regards


      • NZ Cate says:

        I’m glad you are feeling a bit better. remember one step at a time and be kind to yourself.

        It’s funny (well not really) because I really struggle to see where she is coming from. I can’t see self harm as anything but bad. I think perhaps my BPD black and white thinking is shining through. That said, I guess it is good to have a views challenged. Sometimes. 😉

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