About Reson8 Freedom


Firstly I would very much like to thank you for visiting  ‘Reson8 Freedom’ ! I really hope that you will find this blog/site and it’s contents to be supportive, informative and encouraging.


As the header and tag-line suggests, ‘Reson8 Freedom’ focuses on the subject of Self-Harm.


In order to explain what this blog/site is all about how about we first look at some basic definitions…

To Resonate: 

1. To Evoke or suggest; images, memories, connecting or familiar thoughts and emotions.


        1. The power or right to speak, act, or think without hindrance or restraint.

2. The state of having been liberated.

So taking those basic definitions into consideration and bearing in mind that this blog/site is primarily focused on dealing with the subject of self-harm. ‘Reson8 Freedom’ is quite simply designed to be a vehicle through which participants can have the opportunity to evoke, or suggest; images, memories, connecting or familiar thoughts and emotions that facilitate the friends, families and sufferers of self-harm the power and right to speak, act or think without hindrance or restraint and thus to work towards achieving  liberation from self-harm.


Working Definition:

There are numerous definitions out there in respect of what Self-Harm actually is.  But for the purpose of this blog/site Self-Harm is defined as:

Any behavior, action or habit (or conversely a the lack of) which causes damage to one’s self.

Contributors and Participants:

The subject of Self-Harm is without doubt one area where the stigma all too often attached/experienced to Mental-Health/Illness is still very prominent and extremely damaging.  Because of this the potential for open, frank and public exchange or sharing of experiences and views is hindered.  But then isn’t that just one of the many sad results of such stigma?

Because of this I am just not sure how many folk will feel comfortable discussing this matter or opening up about their personal experiences or struggles.  Whilst I am will to do so and to be public in my experience and struggle with the issues of self-harm I do respect and understand the reluctance that others may experience.

This having been said it is my sincere wish that others will feel able to speak out or open up about their own experiences and/or struggles and will feel free to contribute.

Warning and Disclaimer:

Please be advised that I am not, nor do I claim to be, a mental-health practitioner or professional of any sort.  As someone who has experienced mental-health issues for many years now and who has had first-hand personal experience of Self-Harm as well as having witnessed its effects on others I am simply very concerned about this condition/illness and how it impacts people’s lives.

The items and information published on this blog/site are therefore simply published as no more than the views, opinions and experiences of those people contributing and you are strongly advised therefore to seek professional advice before actioning or adopting any of them for yourself.


2 thoughts on “About Reson8 Freedom

  1. NZ Cate says:

    Love this blog! Looking forward to reading more. Thanks 🙂

    • boldkevin says:

      Hi NZ Cate,

      Really pleased that you like the blog.
      It is still in its’ infancy but hopefully will help folk.
      Good to hear from you.

      Kind Regards

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