Here is a list of awards that this blog has received.

Each and every one of them came as a blessing and I really do appreciate this blog being nominated.


Carla from Seasons Change, and Change very kindly awarded this blog the

‘Tell Me about Yourself Award’.

I was so very blessed that Carla thought of this blog in her nominations

and more about this award and my response to it can be found here



This ‘Versatile Blogger Award’ came from Andromache Wilde over at ‘If i die before I sleep‘ and I was so very grateful to receive it .

This award came at the same time as another award of the same name (but featuring a different award picture) which is detailed below.

Because of this I combined my responses to the two awards into one post and these can be read in this response.  But I did want to mention here how very blessed and grateful I was to receive this award.


Carrying the same or a very similar name as the award mentioned above ‘The Versatile Blogger Award’ was awarded to this blog by Carla over at Seasons Change, and Change.

Because of the similarities in the two awards I combined my responses to them but that does not mean to imply that they are any the less special to me or that I value either one and less than the other.

I am truly blessed that this blog should have been nominated for this award and you can view my response to the award here.




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